Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Here we go...

OK, there's nothing greater in this world than a good blog, and I mean nothing.  I am so excited to be here to share things with an internet audience.  We get to talk about all sorts of awesome things, like these, they are metal shoes...

Now, Aris wanted to buy these, but he didn't, because he wasn't sure if he would wear blue shoes enough to warrant the purchase.  That's fucking stupid, and I told him as much.  He didn't buy these because, deep down, he knew that if a company makes Iron Maiden shoes, then eventually they will make Judas Priest shoes, and then the people that paid all that money for Iron Maiden shoes will see the Judas Priest shoes and go, "Ohhh, man, I feel stupid for buying these now.  Judas Priest is sooooooooooo much better than Iron Maiden!!!!!"  End of story.

Now, on a similar note, I am happy to report that me and Tristan have realized that the four greatest songs of all time are as follows:

1)  Feed my Frankenstein- Alice Cooper
2)  Unskinny Bop- Poison
3)  Hotdog and a Shake- David Lee Roth
4)  The entire catalog of REM.

End of blog...  FOR NOW!!!!!!

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